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Discover Malawi

Malawi, known as 'the warm heart of Africa' and rightly so. Malawians are warm and friendly and the country is rich in culture, beauty and wildlife. This amazing place has so much to discover and you can be sure to have a fantastic experience if you know where to look. We have put together a few favourites gems of ours for you to explore and add to your wish list.


A big five national park sits on our doorstep. After coming under new management in 2003, the park was deprived of nearly all wildlife a few remaining antelope. since then it has been restored to its former glory seen zero cases of elephant and rhino poaching.  Majete really is a shining beacon of conservation success on the continent. What's more, we have our own exclusive campsite in the heart of the reserve for you to stay in.

The Lake of Stars

Lake Malawi is a haven and a must-see destination for many travellers visiting the African continent. It boasts more variety of fish than any other freshwater lake in the world. From vibrant music festivals, water sports, high-end luxury resort, and sleepy fishing villages, the lake really does has something for everyone. 

Liwonde National Park

Sitting on the bank of the mighty Shire River, Liwonde national park offers incredible elephant and hippo viewing from Safri boats allowing you to get up close and personal.  There is a variety of accommodation options available from camping to luxury lodges.  


Known as 'the island in the sky', is a fitting name for the plateau that raises over 10,000ft above sea level. the climate on the massif is very different from the hot plains below and offers welcome respite during the hotter months. Mountains huts make for comfortable excursions for the adventurous, if you are willing to make the hike up you'll be  rewarded with breathtaking views and discover the plethora of pools and waterfalls along the way.

Nyika national park

In the far north of Malawi, well off the beaten track lies the jewel that is Nyika National Park. it is the largest of Malawi's parks and the higher elevation ensures comfortable temperatures. the landscape is completely unspoilt and lends its self superbly to horseback or walking tours. Leopard is still commonly spotted and poor access means few venture to this hidden gem.

Image by Deon De Villiers


Among the oldest tea estates in Africa, Thyolo district produces some of the finest teas exported to the four corners of the earth. High-tea and tea tasting experiences from the historical Huntington house are high on our to-do list if you are in the area and want to delve into a different facet of the country we highly recommend making your way to Thyolo. 

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