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At Fisherman's Rest, our passion and vision is to work alongside our local communities to improve the quality of education, living and socio-economic standards.


We have a number of amazing projects and love developing strategies and community relations to get the best out of what we do and whom we work with.

In 2012 we set up our UK Charity 'FROM Wales' to help with fundraising in the UK. As a result, we have grown from a small family-run operation, striving to help the people we live alongside, to now employing over 100 staff whilst engaging with two districts in rural Malawi. In 25 years a lot has changed but our vision remains the same. 

Whilst you are our guest here at Fisherman's Rest, we will be happy to involve you with as many of the projects as you wish and encourage you at every opportunity.


We do this for two reasons; firstly, we believe that if you get stuck into helping with the projects by working closely with our project teams here on the ground, you will have the opportunity to bring about actual, tangible change. Secondly, we believe that the best way to experience and begin to understand another country and culture is to live and work amongst its people, actively engaging with their daily life, language and culture.


What better way is there to connect with your host country than to work hand in hand with the surrounding local communities.

The Madzi Alipo programme is one of the nine community-based projects run at Fisherman's Rest, Malawi. It is an expanding project that seeks to ensure people living in rural communities have access to quality fresh water. The focus at Fisherman's Rest is not on drilling new boreholes. Instead, the aim is to empower communities by helping them to fix the equipment that they already have and by training them to be able to continue to do this for themselves; this is achieved through onsite training and the Madzi Alipo training school. 

The Madzi Alipo project focuses on long-term sustainability with the aim that communities will be equipped to maintain their own water supplies in the future. For each borehole, we survey the location and meet with the community. The community are asked to form a borehole committee of people who will then take responsibility for the pump. The committee contributes to the repair costs of the borehole and is involved in the repair. 

You can find out more about Madzi Alipo here -  https://www.madzialipoapp.org/

Madzi Alipo


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