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School Trips to Malawi with Fisherman's Rest

In an ever changing world, how better to educate our next generation of young people than to get them inspired and involved with fueling positive change? School groups have a unique opportunity to experience an unforgettable programme that can contribute to the making of mature and well rounded young people, with a newfound appreciation of their education and western privileges that are so often taken for granted.

We are so keen to ensure that schools have a positive impact in Malawi and build and strengthen our projects.

With our school groups we focus on team work, developing ideas and getting 100% stuck into our projects. We seek to work with schools to create programmes which strengthen the students' planning, motivational, creative, communication and interpersonal skills.

For accompanying teachers who would like to plan school trips with us, we offer full support from start to finish. We are happy to provide risk assessment samples/templates and are always available to chat through questions either via phone or email. In country, we are 100% with each school group from landing to take off, to ensure the group has the best possible experience in Malawi. 

We also love the opportunity to run interactive student and parent pre-trip afternoons/evenings at your school. 

If you have any questions or would like more information please get in touch with Beth here.

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